The Pathfinder Healing Process– What is it?

Energy Follows Thought.

First comes the thought then comes the feeling.

We are very good at storing our negative feelings, but unfortunately it can cause tension and discord in the body leading to disease and illness, aches and pains.

Negative energy becomes dense and actually can slow down the centres of the body clogging them up causing blocks. These centres (chakras) are linked to our Endocrine System. eg thyroid, perennial adrenal.

Reiki and healing can clean up this negative energy and pour in pure positive energy to polish you up and renew. Thus giving you more energy to get on with your life.

Chakra Balancing

  • Tests that the body’s natural energy centres (chakras) are in balance, using dowsing, energy healing  correcting and balancing the natural energy flow.
  • Crystals are placed over the points that need the most help.
  • The vibration of sound is incorporated, balancing  and calming the mind, body and emotions, relaxing you into a deep meditation, combined with hands on healing to bring a state of well-being.
  • Tuning into universal energy,  will connect you and also ground you.
  • If requested, intuitive healing will be carried out.

After the session  you will be given a crystal wash with a large clear quartz.

Inner Child

I tune into the inner child of my client using powerful intuitive techniques to bring forward any mental spiritual or emotional blocks from the subconscious and bring it into conscious awareness in a gentle fashion, enabling the client to move forward in their life.    

I also tune into the seven chakras (seven bodies) where thought forms are stored.

“ No matter how healthy you eat, exercise, and take care of your body, it is vital that we understand that we have more than one body, eg the mental body, the emotional body and the spiritual body

Examples of Janines work

A young boy came to Janine via his mother.

He was very depressed, slept all day, didn’t go to school. He also didn’t eat and his mother and doctors were very worried.

In desperation his mother came to Janine to have reiki for her self with the intention of helping her son. Her son could see the results of his mother and this encouraged him to come forward.

He is now back in school, eating very well and sleeping well. With only one reiki session!

A writer came to Janine suffering from writers block.

After cleaning all his chakras and removing blocks, he was delighted to be able to channel excellent works! Even mentioning Janine in his book as a thank-you.

A young college student came to Janine complaining of extreme tiredness. After a full clearing she was pleased to report that she was full of energy and was able to Finnish her course work.

PATHFINDER Janine Dawn offers  Natural Healing, card reading to the Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset & Hampshire areas.  including Wimborne, Blandford, Shaftesbury, Salisbury, Verwood, Dorchester, Winchester, Ringwood, Bournemouth in the UK.